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    Like any hardworking component, your well pump system needs maintenance. When your system malfunctions, dependable and efficient pump repair becomes crucial. Our expert technicians diagnose system issues, complete maintenance, and get your water flowing again. We are committed to a swift solution for your commercial and residential pump applications.

    Pump Components

    Our well system repair services focus on the most common components that tend to malfunction. Using our comprehensive understanding of pump systems, we quickly identify the component in need of repair and fix it to save you time and money.

    Well Casing

    The main pipe of the well.

    Well Cap

    A lid on the top of the well.

    Submersible Pump

    Draws water upward out of the well.

    Drop Pipe

    A pipe that carries water from the pump up the wellbore.

    Check Valve

    A valve that prevents backflow.

    Pressure Tank

    A container that stores pressurized water.

    Pressure Switch

    triggers the pump to turn on when pressure falls below a set point

    Pitless Adapter

    Connects the well casing to the water supply line.

    Relief Valve

    A safety measure that releases excess pressure.

    Signs of Pump Malfunction

    While well pump systems are built to last, occasional issues can arise. Here’s a quick guide to help you identify common signs that might indicate pump malfunction. If you experience any of these issues, contact Excel Pump and Well to get your water flowing again.

    Low Water Pressure

    Possible pump malfunction, clogged pipes, or low water table.

    Low Water Pressure

    Possible pump malfunction, clogged pipes, or low water table.

    Unusual Noises

    Worn components, air in the system, or debris buildup.

    Fluctuating Water Flow

    Faulty pressure switch, malfunctioning pump, or air bladder issues in the pressure tank.

    Air in Faucets

    Leaking pressure tank bladder or malfunctioning pressure switch.

    Sand or Sediment in Water

    Worn pump components or issues with the well itself.

    Electrical Issues

    Tripped breaker, cold temperatures, or faulty wiring.

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