The Best Drill

It started with a phone call from a home builder in the Chico hot springs area, when we received the call we were immediately interested in the job due to the location and beautiful scenery of the Paradise Valley. After our first trip to the proposed drill site we knew there would have to be extensive road work to be able to make this project a possibility. Other than the road work necessary to complete the task at hand there was the dilemma of holes being drilled in the area up to 400ft that did not produce any water.

By using modern technology we were able to pin point our best chances of providing a quality and sustainable water source with seismic readings that were performed all around the property. When we were able to start the drilling process it was in the fridge month of February in the midst of a exceptionally cold Montana winter with Temps dropping to -26°F! After clearing a path through 2 feet of snow with a skiddsteer we were able to start bring in our equipment to begin the drilling process.

With sub zero temperatures came the obstacles that we had to hurdle with keeping equipment and crew able in good working condition to make this project a success. It started with early mornings to get everything running and up to operating temperatures, followed by late nights (11 p.m.) to maximize efficiency of drilling hours due to the long start up process.

In the end we were able to drill a well that exceeded our clients expectations by providing with an excess of clean dependable water. Excel Pump and Well takes pride on being a company that will go the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients in order to create a professional and friendly working experience in providing a water source to be used and enjoyed for years to come!